Distribution of CD31 on CD4 T-Cells from Cord Blood, Peripheral Blood and Tonsil at Different Stages of Differentiation

Raul Ruiz-Hernandez1, Antoni Jou2, Cecilia Cabrera1, Ferdinand Noukwe1, Josep deHaro3, Francesc Borras4, Julia Blanco1, Marco Fernandez5, Bonaventura Clotet1, Lidia Ruiz1, Margarita Bofill*, 1, 6
1 Fundació irsiCaixa-HIVACAT, Badalona, Spain
2 Fundació Lluita contra la Sida, Hospital Universitari Germans Trias i Pujol, Badalona, Spain
3 Otorhinolaryngology Unit, Hospital Municipal, Badalona, Spain
4 Laboratori d’Immunobiologia per a la Recerca i Aplicacions Diagnóstiques, Centre de Transfusió i Banc de Teixits, Fundació Germans Trias i Pujol, Badalona, Spain
5 Cytometry Unit, Institut d'Investigació en Ciències de la Salut Germans Trias i Pujol, Badalona, Spain
6 InstitucióCatalana de Recerca i Estudis Avançats, Barcelona, Spain

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CD31+ is a marker for recent thymic emigrants. Nevertheless it is present in a proportion of memory cells. We looked at the distribution of CD31 on CD4 T-cell subpopulations. In cord blood, CD31 was present in the majority of the CD45RAhighhigh and 60% of the CD45RAlow cells, and in adults over 70% of “true” naive and in 5 - 10% of all memory subpopulations (central memory, effector memory, follicular helper and T regulatory cells). No major differences were seen in the distribution of chemokine receptors between CD31+ and CD31 - populations within the näive cells nor the memory populations except for CCR3 and CCR9, which were preferentially expressed in the CD31+ memory cells. The CD31 distribution and cytokine receptors was similar between HIV negative and positive individuals, and between adult blood and tonsils. There was a correlation between the levels of TRECs and the percentages of CD31 in all samples studied.

Keywords: HIV, CD31, Recent Thymic Emmigrants, Thymus, TRECS, Chemokine Receptors, Cord Blood, Tonsil.